Raleigh Road Trip


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that if you’re reading this you are a couple drinks and multiple helpings into the celebration. I’m thankful for many things this year, but in particular I’m grateful for my wonderful fiancé, Bryan, who you see mentioned on the blog here and there, and most of the time in my photography credits. Among many things, Bryan is an incredible support to my creative pursuits, and without him this blog wouldn’t be possible!



Thanksgiving Ready

You already know how I feel about style + comfort, so you must have guessed that Thanksgiving Day is no exception. As an alternative to my [very] worn-in sweat pants, I found the best comfy AND stylish pieces from TOBI as outfit options for all of the eating, drinking, and lounging (and no, I do not plan on deviating from those three activities).


Luna’s First BarkBox

Luna’s birthday was back in September, so I decided to treat her with a little BarkBox to celebrate! Her box was dinosaur-themed and she was over the moon for the huge dino bone and Herbert the Herbivore plush toy. The box also came with a bunch of treats and she absolutely loves the Pterodactyl Treats made with limited ingredients (which we’ve found works better for her), including duck, sweet potato, and carrots. I can’t believe her we’ve had her for over a year already. She’s changed our lives in the most positive ways, so I really don’t know how we functioned without her!


Hanging on to Summer

I’m writing this as I look out the window to see the turning leaves of fall… how can summer be over already? I left for Portugal and Spain two weeks ago (where it’s 90-degrees and sunny), and came back to 65-degree temperatures and rain! Summer always goes by too fast, so I’ll be hanging on to summer nights and the fleeting sun by soaking up as much time outside as possible, as long as possible, with my favorite things and favorite people until we start to spend chilly evenings inside with cozy blankets and warmer drinks!

Portraits with Maggie

Maggie is the founder of a financial coaching company and needed some fresh portraits for her business, so a couple weekends ago we would have been seen crisscrossing through Del Ray finding micro jungles and gardens for backdrops. It was a hot July day, so we started our adventure with coffee and tea from Swings and then I proceeded to put Maggie in flowers for the rest of the morning. And I’m so grateful that she did… take a look at her beautiful portraits for yourself!

Bloomology Co.

My dear friend Michelle is in the middle of redesigning her website for Bloomology Co., and was in need of some refreshed brand photos so I naturally signed right up! I have been wanting to dig deeper into my photography skills and try out some portrait ideas, so our joint effort was the perfect thing to get our creative juices flowing. We spent an afternoon at the Botanic Garden in DC, which was the absolute perfect location for some natural mid-morning portraits. See for yourself, and be sure to check back to Michelle’s website to see the new look!

Perfectly Framed

Ok, so I know it’s been forever since my last post about Warby Parker’s awesome shop in Shaw, but I’m finally now going to make a decision on which frames to order, and I need YOUR help to do it! First, if you haven’t done the Warby Parker Home Try-On program, I highly recommend it. It’s really a win-win situation, because there’s no risk, catch, etc. to choose five frames to be delivered to your front door to try on at your leisure. Easy peasy.

I immediately knew which frames I wanted to try, but you can also take a fun quiz for some suggestions. As soon as you finalize your picks, a nice email pops up in your inbox with a reminder of the frames to expect in the mail. Only a couple days later, a well-packaged box arrives at your door with a “good things await you” message, which is more than true!

I was so excited to try on all the frames since I picked a mix of styles and shapes. I decided pretty quickly that a couple designs were not for me, but the rest fit and looked great, which is making it hard to pick which ones I should get! At first, I was completely in love with the mixed color frames of the Welty design, but I’m now gravitating toward the purpley tortoise pattern of the Chelsea frames, which are gorgeous and a tad bit more feminine. What to choose, what to choose… Check out my most recent post on Insta to help me pick which frames to order!

The Durand

The Welty

The Chelsea

Once you’re done trying everything on, you pop the frames right back into he packaging and put the box in the mail… simple as that! And after you’ve made a decision on which to buy (my current struggle), you can order your frames online to be mailed to you. And did I mention free returns and exchanges?! WP has definitely made this whole ordering glasses thing easy.