Striped Maxi Love Affair

I think I’m in love… with a dress. It just happened spontaneously one day walking through my *first* love, T.J. Maxx: we were moving with purpose toward the register with a couple of household and Luna items, and the long white and navy striped dress caught my eye and we just had to be together.


Perfectly Framed

Ok, so I know it’s been forever since my last post about Warby Parker’s awesome shop in Shaw, but I’m finally now going to make a decision on which frames to order, and I need YOUR help to do it! First, if you haven’t done the Warby Parker Home Try-On program, I highly recommend it. It’s really a win-win situation, because there’s no risk, catch, etc. to choose five frames to be delivered to your front door to try on at your leisure. Easy peasy.

I immediately knew which frames I wanted to try, but you can also take a fun quiz for some suggestions. As soon as you finalize your picks, a nice email pops up in your inbox with a reminder of the frames to expect in the mail. Only a couple days later, a well-packaged box arrives at your door with a “good things await you” message, which is more than true!

I was so excited to try on all the frames since I picked a mix of styles and shapes. I decided pretty quickly that a couple designs were not for me, but the rest fit and looked great, which is making it hard to pick which ones I should get! At first, I was completely in love with the mixed color frames of the Welty design, but I’m now gravitating toward the purpley tortoise pattern of the Chelsea frames, which are gorgeous and a tad bit more feminine. What to choose, what to choose… Check out my most recent post on Insta to help me pick which frames to order!

The Durand

The Welty

The Chelsea

Once you’re done trying everything on, you pop the frames right back into he packaging and put the box in the mail… simple as that! And after you’ve made a decision on which to buy (my current struggle), you can order your frames online to be mailed to you. And did I mention free returns and exchanges?! WP has definitely made this whole ordering glasses thing easy.


Lace Details

There are some fashion trends that are super fun and are probably really comfortable – like crop tops and the daring comeback of the 90’s mini dress, for example – that I don’t event attempt to try because the older woman in me is yelling “you can’t get away with wearing those skimpy clothes at your age!”. I made an exception, however, to try a bralette – a light and delicate lace alternative to my standard underwire bra.

I hope it’s ok if I get a little personal and honest… I’ve always hated wearing bras, but was too self-contious to not wear one. Bralettes seem a little youthful – reminiscent of my first sports bra as an adolescent – but carry the more adult lacey details of an adult brazier (I was fascinated when I found out that was the “long word” for bra!). I was too curious about trying one, so on my next trip to T.J. Maxx I picked up a simple white Nicole Miller bralette.

As soon as I put it on I loved everything about it, mostly how light-weight it was while still providing support. I also love the lace that can peek through a flowy top, or just sit discreetly under an unassuming tee.

Wearing: Nicole Miller bralette (I found mine at T.J. Maxx, but there are so many cute ones at A.E.!), D.Jeans (similar), Green Envelope top (similar), Franco Sarto sandals, Stella & Dot necklace and wrap bracelet // Photos taken by Bryan Wallace

Black, White, and Chambray

Ever notice that when you’re not feeling 100 you don’t deviate as much from the norm? I usually put on my most comfortable clothes and eat comfort food that doesn’t take a lot of effort. That’s how I’m feeling now about this in-between time, where winter’s cold grip is slowly letting go and the sunshine of spring is just creeping in.

I’ve been gravitating toward neutrals and my go-to layers, like my trusty chambray, black jeans, comfortable scarves, and boots that will get me anywhere.

I’m also in the in-between with my professional life – switching from one career to another – which is amplifying my antsiness. I’ve heard that experiencing change is what pushes us to be better and do better, but I just can’t wait to get back into a healthy routine.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my patience and finding comfort in the things I love most.

Wearing: D.JeansRubbish chambray, Madewell scarf, Fulla&Fayda wallet, and GAP chelsea booties (on sale!) // Photos taken by Bryan Wallace

Comfy in Nike Sneaks

I think we are all ready for spring right about now, but in the meantime I’m happy to stay comfy and cozy – my two favorite words this time of year – both indoors and out.

Ever since I switched jobs and we added Luna to our family last fall, my exercise routine [oh heck, my whole life routine!] has completely flipped upside down. I used to be an avid Bar Method goer, taking class 3-4 days per week before work in Tysons, but with shifted work hours and a pup at home I’m lucky to visit the studio once a week. Now, between classes, my exercise mainly consists of long walks with Luna.

I really can’t complain about my new “routine”: I get a little workout in while enjoying the outdoors and spending time with my favorite pooch. I actually look forward to our morning walks because I can just live in the present for a solid 30 minutes, disconnected from my phone, which I leave at home.

Because the amount of time I spend walking has increased, I was desperately in need of a footwear upgrade and found the perfect neutral Nike sneaks at DSW. Now my feet can be as comfy as the rest of me [I’m LOVING this GAP sweater], and be a little fashionable too!

Wearing: Vince Camuto leggings, GAP sweater (on sale in “cream”!), and Nike Sneaks // Photos taken by Bryan Wallace


Rainy Union Market Day[te]

Bryan and I have emphatically decided to spend holidays doing something fun together instead of exchanging gifts. Although he cheated on Vday with a bottle of bubbly and a box of Sugar Shack donuts [best boyfriend ever!], we had an awesome Valentines Day date the weekend before at Union Market, one of our go-to spots for a relaxing day close to home.

It was super grey and rainy, but Union Market has great indoor space and surrounding shops, so we plopped down at Rappahannock Oyster Co. for a delicious sampler platter before doing a little exploring. We visited our favorites, like TaKorean [snack #2 of the day], Salt & Sundry, and Peregrine Espresso, but we also discovered the new Cotton & Reed rum distillery around the corner. If you’re in the DC/VA area, you must check it out! Their cocktails are great, their bartenders are friendly, and the light-filled space is cozy and inviting.



Outfit Details:

GAP Brimmed Hat
GAP Chelsea Boots
Vintage Suede Coat
Vince Camuto Leggings
Fulla&Fayda Tote

Cognac & Blue

F&F 08.27.16-22
F&F 08.27.16-29
F&F 08.27.16-16

F&F 08.27.16-26
F&F 08.27.16-12
F&F 08.27.16-15
F&F 08.27.16-17
F&F 08.27.16-23
F&F 08.27.16-25
F&F 08.27.16-24
F&F 08.27.16-11

This hot and sweaty summer has called for the lightest of layers and I’ve been living in this black peplum top I snagged from Old Navy’s huge sale a couple months ago. I don’t normally wear strappy tanks unless I’m working out, but I’m patting myself on the back now for the good sense I had when I got this loose and light top, along with a couple of dresses from Target. My favorite is a simple royal blue dress with a pom pom trim that I’ve been wearing equally as much as my black tank. Everyone knows how much I love my black, white, and navy staples, but bright blue has taken over my neutral palette lately. It’s such a happy color that adds a nice pop against the black that I love oh so much. It also pairs extremely well with cognac, which just happens to be one of my favorite leather colors for boots and handbags.

You’ll be seeing me sporting cognac frequently this fall, including on my go-to tote and matching wallet from Fulla&Fayda’s new collection. My tote is the perfect size to transport all of the necessities with room to spare for a slim laptop, file folders, and a quickly made sandwich, which is a must for my busy schedule. It has an interior pocket for my cell phone and knick-knacks, and a zipper on top to keep everything in place. The matching wallet is perfect for a night out or a quick run to the grocery store, with an interior zip pocket and magnet closure on the flap. The bright blue Haibibi Collection fabric reminds me of a vibrant summer, but the cognac will transition it nicely into fall when I’m on those lovely walks around town (with less sweat involved). I can hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet already…


Outfit Details

Old Navy Peplum Top
Stella&Dot Jewelry and Sunnies
Fulla&Fayda Wallet

Photos by Bryan Wallace

pssssst – website and more information for Fulla&Fayda coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram!

Rainy Day Stripes

Jackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day Stripes Jackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day StripesJackie Tara Blog - Rainy Day Stripes

Happy third week of June! I seriously don’t know where summer came from, but it started with a bang and is here to stay for a while. (I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing a trend here with the start of new seasons). I know I know, summer doesn’t technically start until June 20, but 80-degree days and thick humidity is summer in my book.

We’ve had a few rainy days sprinkled in with our more well-loved sunny days, so I’ve been grabbing my trusty parka on the way out the door a lot lately. Out the door to where, you ask? Well, honestly no where super exciting, but you can imagine me running off to catch a flight to Paris or Iceland. I’m so happy I bought this thing a couple years ago from Zara – it’s relatively light so I can even wear it in warmer weather over a colorful blouse or stripey dress. Stripes on stripes seemed appropriate for a rainy day. Call me cliché.


Outfit Details:

Zara Parka similar
Garnet Hill Striped Dress similar from GAP
Stella & Dot Clutch
Stella & Dot Necklace and Cuff

Photos by Bryan Wallace


Spring Chambray

Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray
Jackie Tara Blog - Spring Chambray

You gotta love spring. It’s sunny and warm one minute and then it’s windy and cold the next. The tonic I prescribe for spring’s moodiness is a layered look that can adapt to quick weather changes. After watching the Liverpool game one Sunday morning at the Queen Vic (one of our favorite places to watch!), Bryan and I took a walk around my old H Street neighborhood.

I have (surprisingly) been sticking to the limited items of my capsule wardrobe, so mixing, matching, and layering in new ways is key. I have also been layering my simple gold Stella & Dot jewelry to ‘chic’ things up a bit since I’ve been trending toward casual looks lately. I layered my Target tee with a tried and true GAP chambray. I have to tell you, I picked up three of these tees from Target and they are the most comfortable tees I’ve ever worn. They were (and still are!) on sale, and you know I never pass up a good sale.


Outfit details:

Target Tee on sale!
GAP Chambray similar
GAP Black Denim
GAP Lace-up Ballet Flats similar
Stella & Dot Crosby Hobo – Geo Tile on sale!
Stella & Dot Jewelry and Sunnies

Photos by Bryan Wallace

Neutral Natural

Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural
Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral NaturalJackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural

Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural
Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural
Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural
Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural
Jackie Tara Blog - Neutral NaturalJackie Tara Blog - Neutral NaturalJackie Tara Blog - Neutral NaturalJackie Tara Blog - Neutral Natural

I feel like spring grabbed a hold of me with its gnarly (and not the ‘awesome’ kind) claws and didn’t let go. Somehow I’ve broken free and I’m finally settling back into my normal routine. On a more relaxed weekend before the 16  consecutive days of rain that we had in Virginia, B and I did one of our favorite things and walked from our Del Ray apartment to Old Town Alexandria for dinner. We have our favorite places for happy hour in the area, but we are always looking to try new places. Virtue Feed and Grain has been on the list for a little wile, so we finally gave it a try and were not disappointed. It was even mild enough to eat outside, so we got a double-dose of fresh air.

On days when there’s not a whole lot on the agenda, I like to throw my hair up in a messy bun and put on a comfy tee, leggings, and Keds. To “upscale” the look a little I throw on a blazer or jacket, like this neutral one from Zara, and a bright lip color. Tees and blazers are my go-to for almost every occasion – both work and play – which works because I can go from activity to activity without having to change. If there is anything I hate more than peanut butter, it’s having to put on more than one set of clothes per day. I know, I blaspheme. Please forgive me, just this once.


Outfit details:

Zara Flowing Lapels Blazer in Sand
Zara Graphic Tee old
Zara Leggings
Stella & Dot Watch
Florentine Leather Clutch