Shower Solutions

It has happened.  I have been invited to and have attended my first bridal shower.  As an inexperienced bridal shower goer, I asked many of my more experienced friends and family what I should wear and what type of gift I should buy.  Choosing an outfit was easy compared to the long, agonizing process of choosing a gift.

I am not one for registries, as I have always preferred to make or buy sentimental gifts [paintings, framed photos, hand-made cards, that sort of thing].  However, as the bridal shower date inched closer and I grappled with ideas, my list of options was growing shorter.  My solution?  World Market.

I was easily able to pick a theme [outdoor party] with all of the fun, colorful options World Market has to offer.  I ended up with a table runner with matching hand towels and threw in hand-dipped wooden salad severs.  Super cute and useful for entertaining!


The next step is always my favorite: wrapping.  Thankfully I already had some white and green wrapping paper at home, so I decided to add some turquoise raffia into the mix.

spoon 2


The end result: a simple, useful present and a happy bride-to-be.


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