Fall To-Do List

Summer is the busiest season at work: fantastic performances and events that come with endless days running around and that leave you less than the desired time to spend on those extra things that make you happy.

So many activities on my “summer to-do list” were neglected, like pesky dust bunnies forgotten in the corner.  I never went to Jazz in the Garden, or took a walk along the George Washington Memorial Parkway, and goodness knows my body hasn’t seen the gym in far too long.

The craziness of summer is finally coming to a close and I am starting to be able to look at life with fresh eyes.  With fall comes endless possibilities – it’s  like preparing for all of your resolutions in the New Year, except with much better weather.

My list involves getting outdoors and active more, making time for friends, allowing time for creative outlets, and having some much needed “me” time:

1. Join a running club.  A friend has invited me to join her on Tuesdays for a little running [which I hate] after work.  Well, hate is a strong word, but I highly dislike running.  I’m hoping that this group activity will add some *positive* reinforcement to a dreaded form of exercise.  I think dinner and drinks afterwards won’t hurt either…


Photo via Teddy Wolff Photography

2. Sign up for Birchbox. Somehow, I have survived the last 10 years with the bare minimum of makeup and beauty products.  You could call me a “natural” gal, so give me a Physician’s Formula concealer and Neutrogena compact powder foundation from CVS and I’m good to go.  Although I could go on this way, I feel I at least owe it to myself to explore the world of beauty, and what better way is there for $10 to receive a box each month on your doorstep, teeming with new and exciting supplies?!

Photo via Birchbox

3. Play my little heart out. Playing the violin used to be my life.  Chamber group and symphony rehearsals, lessons, and hours of practice would make up my day in college.  Although exhausting, this much playing gave me a kind of satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else.  I am excited to say that our quartet is back together, ready for weekly rehearsals and gigs around the DMV!  I will keep everyone updated with dates and locations.

4. Plan my fall/winter show lineup.  Fall and winter are for SHOWS!  Coming up this week on Friday is the Dirty Names, playing at Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street.  They are originally from Annapolis, so seeing them play will be especially fun! Also, if you haven’t heard of Charli XCX, check her out!  You most likely have heard her collaboration on the popular Icona Pop single, “I Love It,” but she has many more fantastic songs on her album True Romance that I can’t wait to hear live on November 16th at U Street Music Hall.  

5. Just say “yes.” It’s so easy to fall into a “I can’t,” “I don’t have time,” “I’m too tired” rut.  This season is for yes’s.  It’s time to plan ahead, get active, and stay positive!



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