Bohemian Vintage

Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog

There’s something about vintage clothing that gives me the warm and fuzzies; an excitement from putting on a piece of history that I don’t get from slipping on a splurge-of-a-dress or the next great find from TJ Maxx [although don’t get me wrong, I love both of these things].  I get even more excited when the piece of clothing I am putting on belonged to my grandmother, before she graciously donated it to my closet.  Mima, my mom’s mom, is still young at heart and is always at the forefront of fashion, so I knew her gorgeous rust colored dress from the 1970’s would be the perfect thing for a bohemian inspired shoot.

My friend Traci spotted a rare patch of undeveloped land on an afternoon drive in Sterling, Virginia and had been itching to do a styled shoot there ever since.  It was time for my rust dress to shine!  The open plot of land was next to a 4-lane highway, so Traci and I darted across the road with gusto, excited to see what our photography “venue” looked like.  The weather was mild that day: cloudy with a few drops of rain here and there, but the overcast skies provided fantastic light that Traci beautifully captured in her photos.

Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog
Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog
Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog
Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog
Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog

Outfit details:
Vintage dress
Frye boots

Photography by Traci J. Brooks Studios

Bohemian Vintage - Jackietara blogBohemian Vintage - Jackietara blog


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