Gingham Girl

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Fall is just flying by, ya’ll, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. My days are currently spent either glued to a computer or running around managing events, so I have been itching to spend some quality time outdoors, savoring any and every chance I get. In fact, I have been SO eager to be outside that I completed about half of my fall to-do list this past weekend. So productive, right?  I managed to escape the city not once, but twice, over the weekend to the rolling hills of Virginia. I literally felt like a new person breathing in the crisp fresh air, listening to the crickets chirp, and taking in the gorgeous landscape. Let me tell you (if my lengthy flowery description didn’t say it all), it was much needed.

And thank the gods for the comfy clothes trend that has taken off this fall (Joggers, I am coming for you!). I have been living in bright patterned tops, like this blue gingham shirt, basic denim, and boots. I just have to say how much I love my black curvy skinny jeans. They are a little high-waisted (my personal preference when it comes to jeans) and the perfect length to cuff and wear with short booties. I know I may seem like a poster child for Gap, but I just can’t help that I feel like Goldilocks and that their 1969 jeans fit “just right.” I know a few friends who can back me up on that, too 😉


Gap Booties
Gap Black Denim
Gap Gingham Shirt similar

Photography by Paul B. Jones

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