Blue Coat

Jackietara blog - Blue CoatJackietara blog - Blue Coat Jackietara blog - Blue Coat Jackietara blog - Blue Coat Jackietara blog - Blue Coat

I can’t be the only one tired of long cold, long grey winter days (did I say long?!). Yesterday we got lucky with almost-50-degree-weather in Virginia and it was fantastic. I relished in my 20 minute excursion to Sweet Leaf for a “healthy” lunch and didn’t want it to ever end. The cold (and darkness) also instill a laziness within me. Can you believe I hadn’t been grocery shopping in two weeks?! I can. I finally gave in last night with a quick trip to Trader Joe’s after an intense Bar Method workout for the essentials (and I mean the bare bones essentials, like milk and eggs, and maybe some Manchego cheese…).

But I can always count on a heavy coat to at least cover the cold part. I have a couple of wool blend favorites, but my go-to is my Miss Sixty fit and flare coat, given to me by my fashionable mother for Christmas a couple years ago. I love having a winter coat that’s trusty and trendy. Although, that statement may seem fickle when I shed my layers and yell how much I love 60-degree weather from the rooftops come April.


Miss Sixty Coat old | similar
Vintage Boots

Photography by Paul B. Jones


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