A few months ago, my best group of friends and I headed out west to California for a wedding. Along the way we explored the boardwalks of Santa Cruz and the giant trees of the Redwood forest, experienced the most breathtaking views in Yosemite, and ate the freshest squid in San Francisco. Ever since, we have been trying to figure out when and how we can go back.

Santa Cruz-31Santa Cruz-5Santa Cruz-18Santa Cruz-4Santa Cruz-19Santa Cruz-17
Santa Cruz-25 Santa Cruz-26
Santa Cruz-6 Santa Cruz-7
Redwoods-3 Redwoods-5
Yosemite + San Fran-1 Yosemite + San Fran-5 Yosemite + San Fran-6 Yosemite + San Fran-8 Yosemite + San Fran-15 Yosemite + San Fran-16 Yosemite + San Fran-23 Yosemite + San Fran-24 Yosemite + San Fran-26


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