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My friend Sarah and I celebrated National Thrift Shop Day by visiting the Buffalo Exchange shop on 14th Street, D.C. I was in heaven, looking through racks upon racks of lightly worn trendy clothes. With so many retail options, it’s easy to forget that there are some really great shops dedicated to recycling clothing at reasonable prices. Buffalo Exchange, in particular, boasts an eco-friendly approach with bag-less shopping and targets local customers. It also has a flair for vintage, which is right up my alley.

After trying on about 20 pieces, I landed on a versatile polka dot dress, a retro striped sweater, and the best find ever: a perfect pair of pink suede pumps with a heel low enough to wear all day. You know how much I love a pop of color, and comfiness is just gravy.


Photography by Sarah Stuart Walters

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