Senegal Part II: Latmingue

After a couple days in Thies, Natalie and I left for a 2-day trip to Koalack to visit her host family in the village of Latmingue. After a long drive, we were greeted with warm hospitality, attaya [the most amazing mint tea], and a cieb dinner. I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten as much and as often as we did in Latmingue, but it’s difficult to refuse all of the delicious tea, yogurt drinks, fresh melon, and homemade sauces! Between meals, Natalie and I explored the villages in the area, the local mosque, and walked to the river. Sharing their home, food, and customs, in just two short days Natalie’s family showed me the beauty of their simple yet rich life in Latmingue, which will forever stay with me.



  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures of my home. I’ve been feeling homesick (as I do very often) so I googled my home village to see what of it was on the web. I came across few of your pics and found your blog. I also came across your sisters work in Latmingue. What a superwoman she is, that I know without even knowing her. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures & experiences of Senegal. I’m even more homesick now but in a grid excited way.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear that the photos resonated with you – I was so fortunate to have had that experience and hope to return someday soon. Senegal is a beautiful country of amazing people, and I’m so proud of Natalie and the work she is doing there. I hope you are able to return to your home soon!

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