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Tried and True Blue

Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blog Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blog

I tell you what.  I am LOVING this bright blustery beautiful spring weather [although the wind turns my hair into a stringy tangled mess, c’est la vie] and T and I took full advantage the weekend after last with a visit to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms.  Our “visit” was actually more of a long nightmarish excursion in stop-and-go traffic across town.  I guess that’s what we get for venturing out on a gorgeous Saturday amongst tourists galore.  Once we finally found a parking spot, T and I eagerly leaped out of the car in our crisp spring outfits ready for our cherry blossom adventure.

We have recently changed our dress code at work to just pure “casual,” meaning I have actually been able to pull out my denim during the week.  This has been a completely foreign concept to me these past couple of years, so I feel like I’m going through a reacquaintance phase with my blue jeans.  A pair that I have had and loved for years are a light wash pair of Levi’s.  They are simple: not too tight around my waist and not too loose in the knees, can be dressed up with cuffs at the bottom and worn with a blouse and heels, or my personal favorite: worn with boots and a snazzy blazer.

Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blog
Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blog
Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blog

I’m pretty sure my standard spring uniform will be comfy jeans paired with a graphic tee and blazer.  It’s perfect because you can wear boots with it when it’s a little chilly out, or slap on a pair of leopard flats on a sunnier day!  I gravitated toward a more summery look for our cherry blossom adventure because it was so warm out, and nothing screams summer more than white and blue.  Teddy even jumped on the blue train with his light blue cotton shirt!

Outfit details:
ModCloth white peplum top similar
Levi’s blue jeans

Photography by Teddy Wolff

Tried and True Blue - Jackietara blogTried and True Blue - Jackietara blogTried and True Blue - Jackietara blogTried and True Blue - Jackietara blog



Spring To-do List

I love lists and it’s spring, so here is my to-do list for the new season!

1. Go outside!  This “task” may seem like a no-brainer, but working a 9-5 job and then some + teaching makes it hard to get outside during the day.  My goal is to be able to pry myself away from my desk for 10 minutes a day to enjoy the sunshine and get some Vitamin D.

2. “Live it up” and go to brunch.  Brunch has always been something I have viewed as a hoity-toity expensive and frivolous activity.  Having experienced brunch at District Commons and all it’s glory last weekend, I have decided that it’s actually a great way to catch up with friends after a long week, enjoy some comfort food, and have one of my favorite things in the world – mimosas.  I’m going to depart from my usual frugality and go to brunch more often, starting tomorrow ($9 bottomless mimosas at the Argonaut!).

3. Experiment with food.  Not in the Frankenstein or Flubber sense of the word, but to have more of an adventurous spirit while cooking.  Growing up with a French dad I have had it all, from escargot and pate, to venison and Cassoulet.  I am a pretty decent cook and I most certainly have an open mind when it comes to food, so I think it’s time to put the two together.  My first shot this week was making octopus salad (recipe and photos to come!).

4. Discover new music.  I have been listening to NPR’s podcast All Songs Considered a lot lately on my commute to work.  One of my favorites right now is Junip’s new song “Your Life, Your Call,” which reminds me of my best friend’s motto [in reference to all the stupid things that people do], ” it’s not my life.”  Never mind the disturbing video, the song is great.

The Flaming Lips’ new album, The Terror, will be released tomorrow, April 16!  Apparently I have an affinity for disturbing music right now, because The Terror has also been described as being “disturbing” by Wayne Coyne himself.

Another album I am anticipating is Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City.  Take a listen to “Diane Young.”

5. See the cherry blossoms.  Although, I think the storm this morning may have undermined by plans to go downtown tomorrow to see them.  This is how I feel about the situation in haiku form:

Pink and white blossoms
Disappear from the old trees
Untimely cruel storm

What are you planning on doing this spring?  Please share!