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Mexico City

Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travel Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travel Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travel

I’m back from a most excellent adventure with T in Mexico City and am quickly springing back into my hectic DC life.  Things are much colder here than in lovely 70-degree Mexico, but I always love coming home after a great trip.  I told Teddy on our drive home from the airport, “the best part about coming home after a traveling to an amazing new place is how it puts my life back in perspective.”  There really is so much more out there than the minutia of the everyday, which really brings a wave of positivity into my life.

Teddy and I stayed in Roma Norte, a neighborhood just west of Mexico City’s historic center, with a couple in a renovated apartment that we found on Airbnb.  If you have plans to travel to Mexico City, I highly recommend using Airbnb [here is where we stayed!].  The neighborhood eerily paralleled the charming Capitol Hill and Bloomingdale areas of the District, with its brick facades, scattered parks, cute dogs, and young families.  It is very walkable, which T and I took full advantage of.  The primary focus of our trip was food photography for Teddy’s portfolio [check out his blog for awesome photos taken during our adventures of Mexican cuisine and culture!] and then eating said food, so walking to work off our frequent meals was an absolute must.

We arrived in Mexico in the afternoon, which left us a few hours to acquaint ourselves with our bustling street.  After a few minutes of exploring, we found a nice french cafe with outdoor seating [basically every restaurant and bar has a patio that sometimes extend into the street] and quiet charm.  It was only fitting to order tequila and mezcal as our first drinks in Mexico, which we quickly learned from locals is meant to be sipped, not taken as a shot.  Sipping these strong drinks is made easier and more pleasant by a spice mix frequently used on fruit [and on the rim of cocktail glasses], called chile de árbol.  We both absolutely love the spice, so I need to see where I can find it in the states!

Photography also by Teddy Wolff

Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travelMexico City - Jackietara blog #travel Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travelMexico City - Jackietara blog #travel Mexico City - Jackietara blog #travel