Comfort food

Oatmeal Makes the World Go ‘Round

Happy holiday weekend!  Although the root of this holiday is not so noble, I am thankful to have an additional day tacked on to my weekend.  I’ve been under the weather the last couple of days, so some much needed rest is in order!  T made this amazing oatmeal to warm me up – the amazingly comforting kind that transports you back to your childhood.  This recipe had almonds and figs in it, so I couldn’t help but take a picture and share!

photo 3

In addition to a handful of chopped almonds and figs, add a dash of sugar and top with a light pour of maple syrup.  Here’s to a cozy [long] weekend!


A Snail Tale

If you didn’t know already, my three year anniversary with Mr. Teddy Wolff was this month [June 19 to be exact].  To celebrate three fantastic years as a duo, we planned a day of delicious culinary experiences.

The first was an unassuming authentic lunch at A&J in Annandale, VA.  If you ever want to have an inexpensive, traditional, and gratifying meal, go here.  A&J’s Chinese tapas are the epitome of comfort food and warm your soul with every bite.  I recommend the scallion pancake, pork dumplings, and spicy beef noodle soup [all menu choices were perfectly chosen and ordered by Teddy].  The soup is to die for and the noodles are homemade!

That night, Teddy and I opened a bottle of Lovingston Winery Pinotage [that I had been saving for a special occasion] and got going on our second delectable meal of the day, escargot. Both of my parents have made escargot several times for the family throughout my life and it has always been one of my favorite treats.  How can you go wrong with butter, garlic, shallots, and more butter?  The snails are pretty good too…