A Day in Annapolis

Growing up 1/2 Marylander, boats, crabs, and fresh corn on the cob were a summer staple.  These three things have been much harder to easily procure in the city, so you can imagine my excitement when Teddy told me that he and his ultimate frisbee team were planning on picking crabs after a beach practice in Annapolis.

It was a hot but gorgeous day at Sandy Point, so I decided to try my hand at a little sports photography while the gang did some drills running up and down the beach.  I was much happier to be on the other side of the lens that day!

Frisbee and Crabs-1

Frisbee and Crabs-4

Frisbee and Crabs-5

Frisbee and Crabs-11

Frisbee and Crabs-15

Frisbee and Crabs-7

Frisbee and Crabs-6

After a hot and sweaty practice, the team was ready for some crabs and corn, and a nice cold beer.

Summer love.

Frisbee and Crabs-18

Frisbee and Crabs-20

Frisbee and Crabs-21