Koda Bear

There really is something wonderful about a furry friend greeting you at the door upon your arrival, nuzzling your knee in admiration, and plopping their head down on your lap, content with your mere presence.  Dogs, in particular, provide a incomparable comfort as loyal and loving companions.

I have had several dogs in my lifetime, but Peanut was my favorite little buddy.  It was love at first sight, so he came home with me from a farm in 4th grade and quickly became part of the family.  My friend Chelsea has a similar bond with her pit bull mix, Koda Bear.  It’s kind of hard not to love this sweet [mischievous] face!

Koda Bear - Jackietara blogKoda Bear - Jackietara blogKoda Bear - Jackietara blogKoda Bear - Jackietara blog

I can’t wait for the day that T and I can get a dog.  Right now our schedules are just too crazy to even think about getting a dog [and it doesn’t help that our apartment building doesn’t allow pets of any kind], so I just have to live vicariously through my friends, and I’m OK with that… for now.