Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather - Jackietara blogSweater Weather - Jackietara blog

It’s finally here!  Sweater weather is here!  I’ve been arguing [more like bantering] back and forth with T all week about how chilly it’s been.  He went to college in Minnesota, so “chilly” for him isn’t until it’s 30 degrees outside.  Nevertheless, it’s been chilly enough for me to pull out the sweaters.  Inspired by a new trend I’ve been seeing lately [recently well captured on the A Piece of Toast blog], I decided to pair a cable knit sweater with a flowy skirt.  I did say you would be seeing me in more cozy knits this season!

Thankfully T is a sweater hoarder lover, so I’m the lucky girl who gets to borrow them from his closet.  If you want to try this trend too, I would stick with a mid-thigh length skirt that has volume, so it peeks out nicely from under your sweater.  Keep either the sweater or skirt neutral so you can play up one or the other with a bright color or pattern.  I got tons of [I must say, unexpected] complements on this outfit, which is reassurance for me to continue to take risks with my style.  Where is the fun in wearing the same old thing every day?!

Sweater Weather - Jackietara blogSweater Weather - Jackietara blogSweater Weather - Jackietara blog

Wearing: sweater: Old Navy [stolen from T’s closet] // blue collared shirt: Zara // skirt: Michael Kors from Loehmann’s // necklace: Stella & Dot

Photography by Teddy Wolff