Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It’s that time of year again: pumpkins wait eagerly on doorsteps, grocery stores fill their shelves to the brim with bags of candy and treats, and I raid my closet to put together a “homemade” costume.  I’ve never been one to spend a large amount of money on a pre-made store bought costume and tend to opt for a DIY option.  It’s less expensive and more fun to see what you can pull out of the arsenal and pair together to complete a themed look!

This year, Teddy and I decided to give X-Men’s Wolverine and Rogue a try.  T has been genetically blessed with plentiful facial hair, which we knew would be a slam-dunk for Wolverine’s distinctive beard, and we owned mostly every other piece needed for both costumes.  If you are struggling to come up with a look this year, this is what you’ll need for Rogue and Wolverine:

Black leggings or pants (leather is a plus!)
Black top
Black knee-high boots
Leather jacket
Grey or silver hair spray

Out of all of these supplies, the only item I bought was a $5.00 can of silver hair spray from the Halloween section of CVS.  I luckily own a lot of black and even had a hand-me-down one piece black cotton/spandex suit.  If you don’t own a leather jacket, you can always borrow one from a friend!

Trimmed facial hair
White or black tank (white preferred)
Jeans with a thick brown belt
Dog tags (a chain necklace does the trick!)
Leather jacket

Halloween-4 Halloween-5 Halloween-7

Photography also by Teddy Wolff

Happy Halloween!


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