Midsummer Hues

Midsummer Hues - Jackietara blogMidsummer Hues - Jackietara blog

Outfit details:
Vintage purple midi skirt
Vintage lace top
Leather lace up sandals from Capri similar strappy sandals

Photography by Teddy Wolff

Midsummer Hues - Jackietara blogMidsummer Hues - Jackietara blogMidsummer Hues - Jackietara blogMidsummer Hues - Jackietara blog

I hope everyone had a lovely carefree summer solstice!  T was in Minnesota photographing artists at the Rock the Garden music festival for The Current [check out his work on The Current’s Instagram!], so I had a rare weekend to myself.  I always think that I will have a lot of “down time” when T is out of town, but somehow it never works out that way.  Between a “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed gala, two birthday parties, a bikram yoga class, and a shopping date with my mom, I had a full weekend!  On Saturday night, a friend and I went for a stroll mid-birthday party to pick up more limes from the neighborhood Trader Joe’s for caipirinhas [an amazing Brazilian cocktail that you should try immediately if you haven’t already].  I haven’t been very good at this lately, but I did remember to pause to appreciate the gorgeous evening, walking around town, and the time spent with friends that I don’t get to see too often.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies, especially in the summer.  Since I don’t think things are slowing down any time soon post-solstice, I need to be sure to have some relaxing “me time” this summer.  A day in the sun reading a book would be fantastic.  Pool day, anyone?

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