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Blank Slate - Jackietara blog Blank Slate - Jackietara blog Blank Slate - Jackietara blogBlank Slate - Jackietara blogBlank Slate - Jackietara blogBlank Slate - Jackietara blog
Blank Slate - Jackietara blog

I’ve been living in cozy sweaters lately (in mainly black and grey hues) that mirror the dreary weather. Winter is cold and long, and I can’t believe this is just the beginning, which is why I am even more excited that I will be in California for a week-long business trip. Helloooo 75-degree weather, light layers, and sunshine (my suffering skin knows I could use some Vitamin D). I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than with some rejuvenation.

We were lucky with a couple of mild days in D.C. this December and we got a chance to visit Teddy Roosevelt Island again on one of them. There’s just something special about that place, and it helped that it was a super fun and open afternoon with friends. I love days that are sort of spontaneous, when there is a basic outline of what you want to accomplish, but then you messily fill in the blank space with whatever comes your way. That’s how I feel about shooting content for my blog. We start with a general concept and just let the elements – weather, mood, energy – inform us of our direction.

This time of year blesses me with moments to get energized and refreshed, and I’m hoping that The Special Event conference in Anaheim will fuel my creativity and focus. Don’t forget to follow my California adventure on Instagram @jackietara!


Thrifted Sweater
Gap Booties similar
Stella & Dot Link Bracelet

Photography by Paul B. Jones


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