Stay Gold

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Winter sunsets are my favorite. There is a sweet glimmer on the horizon as the sun slowly sinks, flecks of gold sprayed everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s just the comforting and happy qualities of gold in the midst of a cold winter, but I’ve been drawn to it lately… enough to make me want to paint odds and ends in my room a nice, bright gold. On this particular golden day, I teamed up with Vanessa Riojas to capture our New Year’s Eve attire. New Year’s Eve in Northern Virginia was a cold one, so I wore my favorite gold sequin dress with a black and white plaid shirt, tights, and booties for a little added warmth. I also wore my favorite red winter hat from The Current, a pretty awesome radio station out of Minneapolis, MN. The plaid and hat together have a lumberjack[ie]-chic feel, no? Ah, I live for puns.

Vanessa wore a fun long-sleeved floral patterned dress that she recently found while thrift shoppin’ in Chicago, and just looking at her made me feel a bit warmer! Vanessa is not only a photographer, but also a thrifty girl extraordinaire, and runs her own vintage shop. I have always had a love for vintage clothes, hanging onto pieces that my mother and grandmother have passed down to me, and Vanessa’s unique style has inspired me to pull some of those favorites to the front of my closet. Also, don’t be surprised if you run into me at thrift stores on H Street one of these days…


Gold Sequin Dress old | similar top on sale!
Old Navy Plaid Shirt
Stella & Dot Pavé Chevron Necklace
Audrey Brooke Booties old | similar
Revlon Lipstick in ‘Berry Rich

Photography by Vanessa Riojas

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