Blossoms & Kimonos

Kimono-2 Kimono-1 Kimono-3 Kimono-7 Kimono-10 Kimono-14 Kimono-16 Kimono-25 Kimono-23 Kimono-20

 I can’t get enough of spring in D.C. I’ve walked down to the tidal basin twice with B recently, and the second long walk was just as fun as the first (sore legs and blisters aside). I threw on a great kimono that I picked up for my Morocco trip and my favorite Gap hat for a little shade (we all know how my pale skin reacts to too much sun…) to join other locals and visiting tourists downtown. It’s amazing how quickly things are changing. Just two weeks ago and the cherry blossoms were at full bloom, bright white and pink everywhere, and now most trees have turned a lovely light shade of green with little to no blossoms.

I feel myself itching to go outside while sitting in the office during the week, so I’ve been taking full advantage of outdoor activities – brunching, walking around the neighborhood, and getting back into my running routine with B – on weekends. And to clarify, I do consider brunching an “outdoor activity.”

Outdoor activity: leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors (according to Wikipedia).

Enough said.


South Moon Under Kimono on sale!
Gap Jeans
Gap Panama Hat | similar
Stella & Dot Rebel Cluster Necklace
Stella & Dot On The Mark Necklace

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