Morocco Part Two: Journey to Fes

Happy Friday, friends! I’m sharing a few photos of our journey from Rabat to Fes – with a stop at the Volubilis ruins in between – on this similarly warm and sunny day in D.C. I hope everyone has spectacular weekend plans! Mine involve brunching, working out, and more brunching with mom.


Journey to Fes-12Journey to Fes-7 Journey to Fes-13 Journey to Fes-14

Journey to Fes-6 Journey to Fes-5Journey to Fes-3
Journey to Fes-30 Journey to Fes-33
Journey to Fes-35Journey to Fes-37Journey to Fes-41
Journey to Fes-52Journey to Fes-53
Journey to Fes-54Journey to Fes-58Journey to Fes-60Journey to Fes-61Journey to Fes-62
Journey to Fes-45

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