Give Me Some Lip

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip
Jackietara blog - Give Me Some LipJackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

I have always been a Chapstick girl (and more specifically, a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter girl), but a couple years ago I got the urge to explore the adult world of lipstick. Since then, I have been searching for “the best lip color”, picking up different shades and brands when I stop in drug stores and trying hand-me-downs from my mom that she feels don’t suit her. My favorites range from a slightly pinker neutral to a deep red – a shade for every occasion or mood. Now that it’s summer I’m wearing less makeup and sticking to tinted moisturizer and light lids, so a pop of color on my lips adds a lot!

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

Lancome is one of my favorite lip color brands. This one is Love It! (Cream) Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor and is my go-to shade for an everyday neutral look.

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

Revlon is another one of my favorite brands. The Super Lustrous lipstick in Fuchsia Shock is the color I grab when I want a bright and fun look. It doesn’t last all day, but I’m okay with that since it isn’t sticky or uncomfortable. It’s soft and moisturizing – a nice balance between my basic Chapstick and a heavy chalky lipstick.

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

This is my happy summer lip color: Beach Coral by Clinique. It pairs well with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a fun print dress (which I will be living in this summer). The possibilities are endless with this color!

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

I’ve tried the bright red lip like T Swift’s signature pout, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me. My take on the red lip is a deep berry tint, like Revlon’s Berry Rich. I wear this darker shade when I’m getting dolled up or feeling fancy, which could be any day, really. I just did that and no one can stop me: I declared that any day can be a fancy day.

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