Sally’s Middle Name

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I had the pleasure and good fortune of stumbling upon Sally’s Middle Name while exploring my little H Street neighborhood a couple weekends ago. I happened to be alone for the day, and decided to treat myself to a little brunch. The space is so inviting – with it’s cozy dining tables, chalkboard wall menu, and mix-matched china – as if you were dining at your favorite family member’s home. Sally’s is farm-to-table, with ingredients on both their dinner and brunch menus coming from local farms and markets. With all the delicious offerings, I didn’t know where to start, so Sam Adkins, Executive Chef at Sally’s, suggested the pork belly hash and the fresh berries (cherries from Pennsylvania and blueberries from Virginia) with smoked sugar. What a treat! I’m not one to go a day without coffee, so I ordered a cup to go along with my brunch and received an entire carafe of french-pressed Vigilante coffee.

After brunch, Business Manager Aphra Adkins walked me upstairs to Akae, a carefully curated retail shop. The space is filled with light and warmth, and showcases vintage furniture, hand-crafted jewelry, home decor, children’s clothing, and women’s apparel. Aphra and her business partner, Seda Nak, are independent women who pride themselves on a shop that promotes local artisans and their crafts. Their space is also ideal for private events with it’s open floor plan, exposed brick walls, and large windows. Aphra and Seda are as inviting (if not more!) as their space, so make sure you check it out and say hello the next time you’re in the neighborhood!


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