The last leg of our Morocco trip was a quick stop in Paris. My mom and grandparents who have friends in Montmartre, so we were able to visit them before heading back to the U.S. The gloomy weather in Paris was a drastic change from the warm and sunny days we saw in Morocco, but the grey skies created a kind of calm peacefulness. 24 hours in Paris was not enough, so I will be plotting my return in the near future…

Montmartre-3 Montmartre-2Montmartre-9 Montmartre-10 Montmartre-14Montmartre-13Montmartre-18Montmartre-19Montmartre-23Montmartre-20Montmartre-21Montmartre-28Montmartre-27Montmartre-26Montmartre-25

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