I’ve had this Cynthia Rowley dress for like ever – it’s the perfect “I don’t know what to wear, so I’m going to throw on this simple and comfy dress” dress that I will probably never get rid of. I managed to find it at TJ Maxx one day on a lunch-time shopping trip, and felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I did. I’ve been asked things like, “oh, are you a dancer?” when I wear this dress, and I’m not one to carelessly toss a feel-good (albeit generous) compliment. I am not a dancer, but I’m going to toot my own horn and admit that I’ve been working out a hell of a lot. Thank you, The Bar Method.

B and I escaped my workout (and work) routine a few weekends ago to visit my dad in Maryland. On this occasion, I chose this dress to allow me to comfortably eat a 2-pound lobster, and then some, but it also didn’t hurt that I could prance around in it on a gorgeous day and pair it with my new Tribal Scarf from Stella & Dot. You may be thinking, “isn’t it a bit warm to wear scarves in July?”, but you can’t really blame a girl for wanting to wear an oh-so-soft goes-with-anything scarf, can you? If so, please excuse me on this one. I’ll be wearing this thing all summer.


Cynthia Rowley Dress
Stella & Dot Tribal Scarf
Stella & Dot Pave Chevron Ring
Stella & Dot Pave Triangle Ear Jackets

Stella & Dot Pave Chevron Necklace
Joe’s Betty Pumps | similar

Red, White & Chambray

Red, White & Chambray Red, White & Chambray Red, White & Chambray Red, White & ChambrayRed, White & Chambray
Red, White & Chambray
Red, White & ChambrayRed, White & ChambrayRed, White & ChambrayRed, White & Chambray

I look forward to this holiday weekend every year, partially because it offers a little relief from a particularly busy time at work. B and I took advantage of the day off yesterday and took a walk around our neighborhood. The roads seemed more sleepy than normal, so I assumed that everyone was relaxing at home or preparing for their backyard barbeques and parties. We have a backyard party of our own that we are attending today – I can’t wait for burgers, sprinklers, and later – sparklers! Happy 4th of July!


Madewell Chambray | similar
Gap Dress | similar on sale!
Ray-Ban Sunglasses | similar
Stella & Dot Gold Sutton Necklace
Steve Madden Flats
Coach Clutch | similar

Give Me Some Lip

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip
Jackietara blog - Give Me Some LipJackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

I have always been a Chapstick girl (and more specifically, a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter girl), but a couple years ago I got the urge to explore the adult world of lipstick. Since then, I have been searching for “the best lip color”, picking up different shades and brands when I stop in drug stores and trying hand-me-downs from my mom that she feels don’t suit her. My favorites range from a slightly pinker neutral to a deep red – a shade for every occasion or mood. Now that it’s summer I’m wearing less makeup and sticking to tinted moisturizer and light lids, so a pop of color on my lips adds a lot!

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

Lancome is one of my favorite lip color brands. This one is Love It! (Cream) Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor and is my go-to shade for an everyday neutral look.

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

Revlon is another one of my favorite brands. The Super Lustrous lipstick in Fuchsia Shock is the color I grab when I want a bright and fun look. It doesn’t last all day, but I’m okay with that since it isn’t sticky or uncomfortable. It’s soft and moisturizing – a nice balance between my basic Chapstick and a heavy chalky lipstick.

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

This is my happy summer lip color: Beach Coral by Clinique. It pairs well with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a fun print dress (which I will be living in this summer). The possibilities are endless with this color!

Jackietara blog - Give Me Some Lip

I’ve tried the bright red lip like T Swift’s signature pout, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me. My take on the red lip is a deep berry tint, like Revlon’s Berry Rich. I wear this darker shade when I’m getting dolled up or feeling fancy, which could be any day, really. I just did that and no one can stop me: I declared that any day can be a fancy day.

Wedding Wear: May

Jackietara blog - Wedding Wear: May
Jackietara blog - Wedding Wear: MayJackietara blog - Wedding Wear: May
Jackietara blog - Wedding Wear: MayJackietara blog - Wedding Wear: MayJackietara blog - Wedding Wear: May
Jackietara blog - Wedding Wear: MayJackietara blog - Wedding Wear: May

I’m heading to California this weekend for the wedding of two of my dear friends, Ava and Brian. Ava is from Santa Cruz, a lovely, laid back, shoreline city, and the venue location for their May 31st wedding. They are getting married and celebrating at Highlands Park, nestled in the mountains just north of Santa Cruz. Knowing that it will be an outdoor wedding that continues into the evening hours in a place that feels the winds over Monterey Bay (I can feel them already…), I wanted to find a dress that could transition from day to night and that would be comfortable dancing in, because let’s be real, we all know I will be getting my groove on.

I found the perfect dress shopping online at Zara – it’s an above-the-knee cream-based dress with a marsala and yellow floral print. It’s SO cute and perfect for a spring event. Oh, and it has pockets. You can never go wrong with a dress that has pockets (just trust me on this one). Dresses with pockets are everything. Since the dress has more going on than my typical monochromatic dress, I’ve decided to go minimal on jewelry. I’m still debating between my favorite Stella & Dot ear jackets and classic pearl stud. Decisions, decisions… Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what happens, and I can’t wait to share photos from the wedding!


Zara Floral Dress
Stella & Dot Eva Ear Jackets

Photography by Paul B. Jones

Masquerade Wedding Styled Shoot

PoptheCork-64 PoptheCork-72 PoptheCork-85 PoptheCork-88 PoptheCork-102 PoptheCork-121 PoptheCork-125 PoptheCork-187
PoptheCork-223 PoptheCork-226
MasqueradeFilm-32PoptheCork-292 PoptheCork-293

 I’m so excited to finally share some gorgeous images from our Masquerade Wedding Styled Shoot from December 2014, now featured on Style Me Pretty! Our amazing team of vendors created a magical, whimsical setting at a private home on the water in Annapolis, MD., and Melissa Dorn of Lissa Ryan Photography captured the (cold) wintery day beautifully, both digitally and on film.

Jenna Shellhammer of Pop the Cork Designs organized a flawless day of vendor collaboration, from a beautiful invitation suite to hand cut leather masks, beaded gowns, and intricate bouquets. Not to mention the talented stylists who transformed B and me into blissfully happy love birds on our “wedding day.”

View the full feature on Style Me Pretty


Enaura Bridal Gown
Jaclyn Jordan New York Bolero and Veil
La Gartier Garter

Hair by PSC Hair Artistry
Makeup by Luxury Brown Beauty
Floral Design by Petals and Promises
Coordination by Pop the Cork Designs

Photography by Lissa Ryan Photography


Jackietara blog - Relaxed
Jackietara blog - Relaxed Jackietara blog - Relaxed Jackietara blog - RelaxedJackietara blog - RelaxedJackietara blog - Relaxed
Jackietara blog - RelaxedJackietara blog - RelaxedJackietara blog - RelaxedJackietara blog - Relaxed

I don’t know about you, but my spring went by entirely WAY too fast. Who told May that it was okay for 90 degree weather already?! It happens every year, but it never ceases to shock me when all of the blossoms are gone, trees are green, and it’s hot outside half way through the month. I also never seem to remember how busy this time of year can be (currently making a mental note for 2016) – summer is a whirlwind, but gearing up for the summer is just as crazy… which is why it’s important to take a moment and relax. B is constantly telling me that I need to slow down and “smell the roses” and I’m finally learning to take time (even if it’s just a few minutes) for myself.


Stella & Dot Anchor Voyager Cuff
Stella & Dot Eva Ear Jacket
Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant
VS Yoga Pants

Photos c/o Bryan Wallace

Blossoms & Kimonos

Kimono-2 Kimono-1 Kimono-3 Kimono-7 Kimono-10 Kimono-14 Kimono-16 Kimono-25 Kimono-23 Kimono-20

 I can’t get enough of spring in D.C. I’ve walked down to the tidal basin twice with B recently, and the second long walk was just as fun as the first (sore legs and blisters aside). I threw on a great kimono that I picked up for my Morocco trip and my favorite Gap hat for a little shade (we all know how my pale skin reacts to too much sun…) to join other locals and visiting tourists downtown. It’s amazing how quickly things are changing. Just two weeks ago and the cherry blossoms were at full bloom, bright white and pink everywhere, and now most trees have turned a lovely light shade of green with little to no blossoms.

I feel myself itching to go outside while sitting in the office during the week, so I’ve been taking full advantage of outdoor activities – brunching, walking around the neighborhood, and getting back into my running routine with B – on weekends. And to clarify, I do consider brunching an “outdoor activity.”

Outdoor activity: leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors (according to Wikipedia).

Enough said.


South Moon Under Kimono on sale!
Gap Jeans
Gap Panama Hat | similar
Stella & Dot Rebel Cluster Necklace
Stella & Dot On The Mark Necklace

Morocco Calling

Jackietara blog - Morocco Calling
Jackietara blog - Morocco Calling

Jackietara blog - Morocco CallingJackietara blog - Morocco Calling
Jackietara blog - Morocco CallingJackietara blog - Morocco Calling
Jackietara blog - Morocco Calling

This blue and white top just screams “take me to Morocco!”, doesn’t it? Little does it know, it will in fact be accompanying me on my journey to the exotic lands of Morocco very soon – Friday in fact! I’m not quite sure how this trip snuck up on me as it did. A few months ago our family vacation to Africa seemed forever away. Now, it’s just a few hours. Crazy how that happens, huh?

My intent was to write a post on “how to pack for an exotic vacation” , but that clearly was a lofty goal as I have not taken photos for or written said post. Instead, you will have to settle for many, many photos from my trip and maybe a note or two on how my packing worked out… or not. I’m actually feeling pretty confident that I packed enough basics and layers (without over-packing, huzzah!). 

I have managed to fit 7 days worth of outfits, four pairs of shoes, light camera gear, and entertainment material into one carry-on and a mid-sized suitcase (with room to spare!). I’d call that an accomplishment.


South Moon Under Tunic
Vintage Jacket
White Denim | similar
Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster Bracelet
Stella & Dot Rebel Cluster Necklace
Lou Lou D.C. Necklace

Spring Layers

Jackietara blog - Spring LayersJackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring LayersJackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring LayersJackietara blog - Spring Layers
Jackietara blog - Spring Layers

Although you can’t tell by the white fluffy stuff in the background of these photos, I think that spring is finally just around the corner! I enjoyed our little snow day last week, but too much time inside has given me a serious case of cabin fever. Ergo, B and I spent a lovely day at Union Market, just a few blocks away from my NE D.C. apartment. The sun was finally out on Saturday and temperatures exceeded 40-degrees, so I was a happy girl.

I was also happy to throw on some lighter spring layers, like my new window pane tunic and favorite Zara anorak. I have been searching for the best “window pane” look for me, so I was super excited to find this tunic on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. I can’t wait to wear it in warmer weather, and on my trip to Morocco (more on that to come)! B also found a couple gems from UO on his last shopping trip there that I was lucky to catch on our outing. He has been warming up to the idea of me taking photos of him, and I am so glad (because how cute is he in his Aztec print cardigan?!).

I’m also relieved that orange is back in for spring this year. Stella & Dot has an amazing new leather cut out clutch that speaks to me every time I go to pick a purse. What does it say, you ask? “Wear me defiantly until the snow melts away and spring is here to stay!”. At least, that’s what I would say if I were a cute bright clutch.


On him:
Urban Outfitters Cardigan | on sale!
Levi’s Jeans
Vans Cosmic Galaxy Shoes

On me:
Urban Outfitters Tunic | on sale!
Zara Anorak | similar
Stella & Dot Waverly Clutch
Vintage Boots

Delicate Blush

01142015_JackieintheStudio-64 VDay-1

I have never been much of a pastel person, but this Valentine’s Day I put myself in a delicate blush dress that I found in a second hand store and a blush and gold petal necklace from Stella & Dot’s new spring line. There’s something about pastel tones that whisper (because screaming would not be very lady like) femininity, and I have very much been gravitating toward that ethereal color palette lately. Normally I’m a bright blue, crisp white, and classic black kind of gal, but I think I may make a little room in my heart for blush, aquamarine, lavender, and all things feminine this spring.


Thrifted French Connection Dress | similar
Stella & Dot Birdie Necklace

Photography by Paul B. Jones