Life is [hectic, but] beautiful

Where have you been all my life?!  Well, my answer lately is “working late in a deserted office” or “cleaning and organizing my apartment.”  It’s that time of year when everything speeds up, double time, and I feel like I’m standing still with the world around me whirling around me like a twister.  Despite everything going on in my life, I feel restless and an urge to clean and purge, to start anew.  It must be something about spring that just gets you going.

Life is beautiful - Jackietara blog

My most recent projects have been redecorating my outdated bathroom and creating a gallery wall above the couch in the living room.  Somehow I took on both of these projects at once.  Just a quick trip to home goods with a couple gal pals, and I was in deep.  I finally got rid of all of my navy towels, shower curtain, and bathroom accessories that I’ve had since college [it was time for them to go] and replaced them with a new sea glass motif.  Even more exciting, I got rid of our terrible “over the toilet organizer” from Target and replaced it with a hanging basket, which makes our tiny bathroom seem so much more roomy [trust me, it’s the little things]!

The gallery wall project is something that has been in the back of my mind for at least a year.  We two lonely photographs on our wall that were just begging for some company, so I watched A Beautiful Mess’ gallery wall tutorial and got to it.  I was also inspired by their DIY art collection blog post and decided to mod podge and paint an empty canvas – what a great outlet for my pent up energy!  Although these projects took up a significant part of my weekend a couple weeks ago, they made me feel incredibly accomplished.  I’m not normally that “handy,” so it was a good feeling!

I can’t say enough how happy I am it’s finally spring.  My list of projects is quickly growing [so I’m glad I got to check two off my list!] and I’m itching to be outside as much as possible.  Sunday brunching, here I come!


Operation: Organize Apartment [part 1. living room]

Organize, organize, organize: it’s in my DNA.  However, this summer I was way too busy to even acknowledge the fact that our living room was a complete disaster.  A couple weeks ago, T and I looked at each other and mutually agreed that something needed to be done… fast.

Browsing online and through catalogs, we finally stumbled upon a beautiful “grey-blue” sideboard table on One Kings Lane.  A perfect mix of shabby chic and functionality, T and decided it was a must have for our living room.  Finally, a place to store music and to display our coffee table books, no longer to be used as coasters!

Operation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blog

After we assembled the table [in 3 easy steps], I got to decorating the top and bottom shelves.  The first thing that came to mind was to move was our cookbooks, hidden away in the corner cabinet.  The top of our fridge is overflowing with booze [mostly left over from this summer’s parties], so I took down two Costco-sized gin bottles and transformed them into book ends for the row of cookbooks.  It’s an attractive space-saving way to turn a nonfunctional item functional, don’t you think?

Operation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blogOperation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blog

Our little cacti were getting too much light in the bedroom, so I decided to relocate them to a new sideboard table home.  Paired with a couple other “homeless” items, including our wine bottle opener set and a collection of corks, these little cacti are perfect table top decor.

Operation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blogOperation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blogOperation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blogOperation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blog

I’m so happy to finally have some things in “their place.”  There is a part of me that insists on everything having a home, whether it be my laptop on my desk, keys in the basket, or shoes lined up in the closet.  Now these lost items have a home, too!

Operation: Organize Apartment - Jackietara blog

For additional organizational inspiration, check out The Kissters‘ post on maximizing space in the bathroom and Redesigned by M‘s tips on making over a linen closet.  Next on my organizational to-do list is refinishing our dresser and organizing T’s home office work space.  Stay tuned!