Winter White

Jackietara blog - Winter White Jackietara blog - Winter White Jackietara blog - Winter White Jackietara blog - Winter White
Jackietara blog - Winter White Jackietara blog - Winter White Jackietara blog - Winter White

I found this awesome graffiti wall on a Saturday morning run around Theodore Roosevelt Island with my beau. As we ran by, I told myself that I would have to come back to do a shoot there. I mean, how could I not? I love my city and it never ceases to amaze me. There are always new places to explore, and one of the best ways to discover those hidden gems is running. I’ve never been a “natural runner,” but I have taken to it again lately after a long 6-month hiatus. I’ve been going running with a couple friends, and although I can’t speak a word while I run (one of these days I will build up that pesky lung capacity!), it’s so much nicer to run with a buddy.

True to my word, we came back to the island. I’ve been taking the new “white is now acceptable after Labor Day” fashion rule to heart and shamelessly wearing white whenever possible. And before you flash that judgmental smirk, let me explain. White just never gets old, and black and white is too much of a classic combination to force into hibernation during the winter. I wore this dress back in August, and decided to style it with a long-sleeved gingham shirt, tights, and boots for a warmer look. Dresses with shirts underneath are my new favorite, and a white dress in December is just a bonus.


Gap Dress old | similar on sale!
Old Navy Gingham Shirt old | similar on sale!
Vintage Short Boots
Stella & Dot Link Necklace

Photography by Paul B. Jones

Art + Aztec

Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec

I have never been much of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday fanatic (surprising, I know, considering my most trusty motto is “never pay full price”), but this year I gave Cyber Monday a go to knock a few “presents for him” off of the shopping list. My favorite gifts to give family and friends are usually of the homemade variety – crafts, cards, paintings, etc. – and I’m planning on continuing that tradition for the holidays this year. I’ve been experimenting with watercolors more lately, despite my previous frustration with this elusive type of paint, and I am slowly growing to love it. Contrary to my inner control freak, I get an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction as I let the colors drip and blend into each other on the page, much like a slowly melting popsicle on a hot summer day.

Now let’s talk about Aztec prints on capes and ponchos. I am completely in love with the makeshift poncho look we are seeing all over the place right now (even Maggie was wearing one in The Walking Dead!). You can have a poncho without having to buy one by wrapping a larger scarf or light blanket around your shoulders and belting it in the front to secure it. Or, just drape it around your shoulders for a more relaxed “at home” feel. With a blanket wrapped around you, though, you may never even want to leave the house. Consider yourself warned.


South Moon Under Dress on sale!
H&M Scarf

Photography by Paul B. Jones

Life is [hectic, but] beautiful

Where have you been all my life?!  Well, my answer lately is “working late in a deserted office” or “cleaning and organizing my apartment.”  It’s that time of year when everything speeds up, double time, and I feel like I’m standing still with the world around me whirling around me like a twister.  Despite everything going on in my life, I feel restless and an urge to clean and purge, to start anew.  It must be something about spring that just gets you going.

Life is beautiful - Jackietara blog

My most recent projects have been redecorating my outdated bathroom and creating a gallery wall above the couch in the living room.  Somehow I took on both of these projects at once.  Just a quick trip to home goods with a couple gal pals, and I was in deep.  I finally got rid of all of my navy towels, shower curtain, and bathroom accessories that I’ve had since college [it was time for them to go] and replaced them with a new sea glass motif.  Even more exciting, I got rid of our terrible “over the toilet organizer” from Target and replaced it with a hanging basket, which makes our tiny bathroom seem so much more roomy [trust me, it’s the little things]!

The gallery wall project is something that has been in the back of my mind for at least a year.  We two lonely photographs on our wall that were just begging for some company, so I watched A Beautiful Mess’ gallery wall tutorial and got to it.  I was also inspired by their DIY art collection blog post and decided to mod podge and paint an empty canvas – what a great outlet for my pent up energy!  Although these projects took up a significant part of my weekend a couple weeks ago, they made me feel incredibly accomplished.  I’m not normally that “handy,” so it was a good feeling!

I can’t say enough how happy I am it’s finally spring.  My list of projects is quickly growing [so I’m glad I got to check two off my list!] and I’m itching to be outside as much as possible.  Sunday brunching, here I come!