DIY Hangover Boxes

Bachelorette DIY-2 Bachelorette DIY-1
Bachelorette DIY-3 Bachelorette DIY-4
Bachelorette DIY-9 Bachelorette DIY-10
Bachelorette DIY-16
Bachelorette DIY-11Bachelorette DIY-12
Bachelorette DIY-15
Chelsea's Bachelorette-6
Chelsea's Bachelorette-19Chelsea's Bachelorette-14Chelsea's Bachelorette-21

I discovered last week that it is incredibly easy and fun to create the sweetest little bachelorette party hangover boxes. Marci, the MOH for Chelsea’s September wedding, and I wanted to collaborate on decorating and filling simple white take-away boxes for each bachelorette party attendee to have during our weekend in Charleston, SC. I am not a professional calligrapher by any means, but I am pretty darn good at replicating, it seems.

After studying the work of a few pro’s, I mustered enough courage to put my pretty gold pen to paper. I wrote everyone’s name in my “faux calligraphy” and then jazzed up the boxes a little bit more with some delicate pink and purple watercolor flowers. Marci took care of the excellent – and much needed – fillings with mini Advil packs, mints, granola, and snacks to help revive us the morning after a lively night out. It was the perfect combination of cures to have on-hand!

A couple of my current calligraphy crushes:
Host and Toast: custom signs
Splotch and Line: lettering and art
Flora Waycott: illustrations and designs
Poppy and Scooter: calligraphy and stationery



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