DIY Hangover Boxes

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I discovered last week that it is incredibly easy and fun to create the sweetest little bachelorette party hangover boxes. Marci, the MOH for Chelsea’s September wedding, and I wanted to collaborate on decorating and filling simple white take-away boxes for each bachelorette party attendee to have during our weekend in Charleston, SC. I am not a professional calligrapher by any means, but I am pretty darn good at replicating, it seems.

After studying the work of a few pro’s, I mustered enough courage to put my pretty gold pen to paper. I wrote everyone’s name in my “faux calligraphy” and then jazzed up the boxes a little bit more with some delicate pink and purple watercolor flowers. Marci took care of the excellent – and much needed – fillings with mini Advil packs, mints, granola, and snacks to help revive us the morning after a lively night out. It was the perfect combination of cures to have on-hand!

A couple of my current calligraphy crushes:
Host and Toast: custom signs
Splotch and Line: lettering and art
Flora Waycott: illustrations and designs
Poppy and Scooter: calligraphy and stationery


Art + Aztec

Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec Jackietara blog - Art + Aztec

I have never been much of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday fanatic (surprising, I know, considering my most trusty motto is “never pay full price”), but this year I gave Cyber Monday a go to knock a few “presents for him” off of the shopping list. My favorite gifts to give family and friends are usually of the homemade variety – crafts, cards, paintings, etc. – and I’m planning on continuing that tradition for the holidays this year. I’ve been experimenting with watercolors more lately, despite my previous frustration with this elusive type of paint, and I am slowly growing to love it. Contrary to my inner control freak, I get an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction as I let the colors drip and blend into each other on the page, much like a slowly melting popsicle on a hot summer day.

Now let’s talk about Aztec prints on capes and ponchos. I am completely in love with the makeshift poncho look we are seeing all over the place right now (even Maggie was wearing one in The Walking Dead!). You can have a poncho without having to buy one by wrapping a larger scarf or light blanket around your shoulders and belting it in the front to secure it. Or, just drape it around your shoulders for a more relaxed “at home” feel. With a blanket wrapped around you, though, you may never even want to leave the house. Consider yourself warned.


South Moon Under Dress on sale!
H&M Scarf

Photography by Paul B. Jones

Love Notes

Love Notes - Jackietara blog
Love Notes - Jackietara blog

I hope everyone had a marvelous Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrated with your beloved, best friends, or by your lonesome [with a great bottle of wine and chocolates I hope]!  February has turned into a crazy month, with Valentine’s weekend as the mid-point of craziness, so T and I decided to have a cozy night in.  We picked out a couple of lobsters [whom I naturally named Larry and Beatrice] from the Maine Avenue Fish Market, a.k.a “The Wharf”, in Southwest DC and tried our hand at preparing them ourselves at home.  It was quite an experience cooking a meal of two 3-pound lobsters, complete with an escargot appetizer, a bottle of bubbly [followed by a bottle of our favorite red wine], and a homemade bread pudding.  It was definitely a decadent night, but if you can’t indulge on Valentine’s Day, when can you?!

To share my love with family and friends this year I wanted to make my own cards.  In the past I have mailed cards with my own drawings, collages, and paintings, but life has gotten in the way of me hand-making cards in the last couple years.  But not this year!  All of my spare time the week leading up to the big day was dedicated to creating little love notes and I was quite pleased with the turnout.  The only supplies I needed to buy for this project were the paper cards and a cute “handmade by” stamp from Michael’s that I fell in love with [how appropriate].  I had the watercolors, pencils, and pens already at home!

Love Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blog Love Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blogLove Notes - Jackietara blog Love Notes - Jackietara blog

Photography by Teddy Wolff

If you already craft at home, making cards can be easy for you too!  Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, there are plenty of alternatives to drawing: like making a collage from magazine photos; using stamps and/or making your own [check out Poppytalk’s DIY Buffalo Print]; or a mix of mediums [check out A Pair & A Spare’s DIY Watercolour Valentine’s]!  Did you craft anything for Valentine’s Day this year?  How did it turn out?