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I have never been much of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday fanatic (surprising, I know, considering my most trusty motto is “never pay full price”), but this year I gave Cyber Monday a go to knock a few “presents for him” off of the shopping list. My favorite gifts to give family and friends are usually of the homemade variety – crafts, cards, paintings, etc. – and I’m planning on continuing that tradition for the holidays this year. I’ve been experimenting with watercolors more lately, despite my previous frustration with this elusive type of paint, and I am slowly growing to love it. Contrary to my inner control freak, I get an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction as I let the colors drip and blend into each other on the page, much like a slowly melting popsicle on a hot summer day.

Now let’s talk about Aztec prints on capes and ponchos. I am completely in love with the makeshift poncho look we are seeing all over the place right now (even Maggie was wearing one in The Walking Dead!). You can have a poncho without having to buy one by wrapping a larger scarf or light blanket around your shoulders and belting it in the front to secure it. Or, just drape it around your shoulders for a more relaxed “at home” feel. With a blanket wrapped around you, though, you may never even want to leave the house. Consider yourself warned.


South Moon Under Dress on sale!
H&M Scarf

Photography by Paul B. Jones

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